One of the most importants museums of the world is “El Prado”, maybe it is the most important if we are talking of Works of Masters of the History of Art, these Works that in a begining the owners were the Royal Family of Spain and that from 1819 can be enjoyed by everybody.

We are going to discover not only the paintings and painters such as Rubens, Velázquez, Titian, Goya, El Bosco, Zurbarán,… we are going to visit the arounds of the museum, explaining about the most important Neoclasic Spanish building whose architect was Juan de Villanueva.



We can do a cronological tour inside the museum if it is your first time but if you repeat and you want to dive in one concret painter I can prepare your special tour.


Sculpture of Velázquez, in front of the main facade of the museum. Prado’s Boulevard.


If we are less of 8 persons we can stay all time that we need but I recommend a top of 2 hours.


If group is of 8 or more we have a top time of 1 hour 45 minute.


  • Monday-Friday:                     160,00€

  • Weekends-Bank Holidays: 185,00€ 

  • TICKETS:                                14,00€ pax *

  • RENT AUDIO GUIDE:             1,00€ pax **


 * There are some discounts for students and seniors
** If we are 8 or more we must rent an audioguide.

I will be the person in charge of buying tickets and audio guide.


Group maximum of 25 persons


Groups of less of 8 persons, please send me an mail and I will send you a custom Budget.

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